Office Policies

At Alaska Avenue Dental Clinic, we want your visit to go as smoothly and comfortably as possible. We've made our office policies available here for you to review beforehand.

Office Policies, Alaska Avenue Dental Clinic, Fort St. John

Fees & Payment

Most dentists offer the same basic services, and base their fees on the provincial fee guide. They may then adjust their fees according to location and quality of service.

The quality of both service and dental work vs. fees tends to be the balancing point that most patients find will decide where they will go to seek dental treatment. Our office works hard to ensure that our service is worth the fees we charge.

We are currently 10% over the BC Dental Association's fee guide. We feel that our service and quality of work are worth this additional amount.

Payment Options

Our office is able to accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, AMEX, and cash. We are also willing to accept post-dated cheques (only as a part of our in-office savings plan) and business cheques. Personal cheques at time of service are not accepted.

Our office staff are happy to help you arrange an in-office savings plan. Payments are made prior to treatment, and will be recorded on your file so that you can 'save up' for more expensive treatment and not have to face a large bill at the time of service.

All in-office savings plans must be pre-arranged. Payment plans at the time of service are not available.

Specialist Fees

Specialist fees will vary from doctor to doctor, and we will do our best to provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible, including what your insurance may cover.

Most insurance plans, however will not cover the additional amounts that a specialist may charge that are over and above the fee guide.

Dental Insurance

Our office staff are happy to help you when it comes to your dental insurance. We are able to, in most cases, direct bill insurance companies with some restrictions.

We do ask that you pay your co-pay at the time of service if you are taking advantage of direct billing.

If you choose not to take advantage of direct billing we are always more than happy to help you submit your insurance, either electronically, or by helping you fill out the necessary paperwork.

We will do preauthorizations to your insurance for major dental work (ie: crowns, bridges, etc) so that you have an idea of how much will be covered.

Please keep in mind these are only estimates and things can change while you are in the chair that may change your treatment plan, and therefore the estimate we have given you.

What your insurance covers is only part of the story, keep in mind that unlike us, they do not have your dental health on their conscience, merely their bottom line.

If you find that your insurance will not cover treatment that you require, please speak to our office staff as we can often work out an in-office savings plan that may help you reach your dental goals without causing undue strain on your finances.

Financing Options

Through WayDent, we are able to offer our valued patient's financing options to ensure their dental expenses are paid at an affordable and comfortable pace.

How It Works

Apple Online: Apply via a quick online application. »

Get an Instant Decision
Get our instant approval decision right away, displayed on screen along with the amount of funds available to you.

Begin Your Treatment
Proceed to your dentist to finalize your payment plan and begin your dental treatment without delay.

Make Payments
PayBright will pay the dentist directly. PayBright will set up convenient pre-authorized monthly or semi-monthly payments from your designated bank account.

Missed Appointment Fees

We also charge for appointments that you book, but don't attend, or cancel without sufficient notice (usually 24-48 hours).

You will be billed $50 per half hour of appointment time reserved.

This is to balance the cost of having the office open, and staff paid while no work is being done.

We do everything we can to remind you of the appointments, from multiple phone calls to email, but you are ultimately responsible for attending the appointment, or cancelling with sufficient notice.

For this reason we do not book appointments for you without your expressed consent.

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  • Sugar plays a big role in the development of cavities. Avoid foods with 'hidden' sugars, like crackers, processed food, and milk. Brushing twice daily, swishing with water or chewing sugarless gum after meals can reduce the harmful of effect sugar on your teeth.
    - Our Dental Team

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